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Mini Tennis Game Progression System

New Mini Tennis Game Progression System - lesson plans for Mini's
Technical Teaching points Priorities:
Recover to ready position both hands One hand this side two hands other side Watch onto middle of racket and follow through over shoulder.Receiving skills – catch dropping ball. Speed, agility + ladder.
Use of other hand large ball pass.Balance – lunge.
Develop control and tactics with understanding of scoring.Serve Sideways on throwing action. Rhythmn.Backhand grip, volley grip, serve grip.
Every lesson must serve, hit topspin groundstrokes, have right attitude, volley, play the game!

1. Floor Tennis Cones mark baseline
2. Tap Up Tennis.
3. Handball Tennis
3i. Kangaroo tennis
3ii. Hippo tennis
4. Serve Tennis
5. Developing Mini Tennis both with rackets
or one partner throwing.
6. Mini tennis Orange
become the complete player.
7. Mini Tennis Green
Next step The Academy at GXLTC ?

Information for Parents and Mini Players

Our tennace Mini Tennis Game Progression System

We have been using a brand new system to develop our Mini Tennis players based on Game Progression.
· We know this will help our players to enjoy and develop their skills even more. This system describes players improvement through five levels before progress into Mini Tennis Red. It will also enable a quicker understanding of the game.
· Some players will progress very quickly; others will take longer. Often this is because players practise their co-ordination skills more often, by doing more than one Mini Tennis class a week, playing other sports and practising at home. Please see ‘help for parents’ for more advice and ideas.
· There will be overlap between games and all our current co-ordination activities will continue.
· Players and parents will better understand how much improvement has been made.
· It takes a relatively long time for most children to develop the necessary skills needed to play Mini Tennis Red. An analogy is to compare the development of children in tennis to building a house where the most important part which takes the longest, and is not seen is the foundation; in tennis terms the ability to co-ordinate the body with a racket and moving ball.
· There are club teams who compete in Mini Tennis League at Red, Orange and Green.
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